Á Landavegur


The retail shops chain Á counts 4 shops in Tórshavn, the Faroese capital. The Á Landavegur is situated in a developing area which will welcome soon a new music school and an elementary, primary and secondary school, Skúlin á Fløtum, which ZETA has designed.

As a consequence of the development in the area, the number of clients will raise and the retail shop needs to get extended. The project does not include only the extension of the building, but a remodeling of the facade and of the surroundings, counting the pedestrian entrance and the parking.

The extension consists in continuing the roof shape to keep the identity of the building. The entrance will be moved along the busy street, and will be situated at equal distance from the two parking. The facade will be opened as glass facade in two strategical points, the facade toward the street as a welcoming entrance point and the west facade as a light source.

As part of the extension, ZETA designed a display area between the retail shop and the busy street. This area aims to facilitate the connection between the parking and the entrance and to make of this new entrance, an attractive point. As part of this outdoor area, the design includes the extension of the existing of the roof and the creation of a lamella wall which will keep a transparency to the building facade but will also create welcoming perspective.


SIZE300 M²