Býlingshúsið Vesturi á Flat


In the municipality of Tórshavn there is a great demand for childcare, both nursery and kindergarten. More places are needed, and one way is to expand the existing institutions. Býlingshúsið Vesturi á Flat is an institution that contains a nursery and a nursery. The project is a proposal for a new extension, as well as a small renovation of the existing one where 60 new seats for children will be established.

The new building is in the southern part of the site. This is to allow a long building shape so that the view is utilized in the best possible way. In terms of the view to the south, all rooms are equal. The northern part of the new building, pram room and shelter are located. The pram shelter has a direct connection to the courtyard.

South of the existing building, a new common area will be located, which unites the existing and new building. The common area thus binds both existing and new, besides east and west outside areas. This will be the new heart of the building.

The starting point for the design of the new building derive from the design of the existing building, and is repeated to create a simple, clear and easily recognizable whole. On the south side, the house frame is pushed out in front of the outer wall, so covered areas emerge and a sheltered wall against the wind. This creates good conditions at the entrance to every room.

Around the building comes a varied and exciting courtyard, which should encourage to play, stay and recess. The area is decorated in 5 worlds, the greenery, courtyard, garden, outback and riverbank, all of which in each way instigate movement, and encourage the interest in nature.