Stones in landscape


For a new single family house in Saltangará the client wished for a modern house that suited the needs of a modern family but at the same time had a respect for the traditional. The wish for something both modern but at the same time respectful of the traditional is achieved in the overall design by a close integration between the surrounding landscape and the house itself.

The sloping landscape of the plot is recreated and given a natural and rough appearance with longer grasses, moss and heather known from the Faroese mountainsides. In this wild-like landscape, the house is placed as two overlapping stones nestled in the hillside and slowly overgrown by grass.

The house itself consists of two floors, an upper floor containing the entrance, the main living areas and kitchen plus private rooms. The smaller basement floor contains extra rooms and a large storage room. The larger upper floor extends out over the basement floor creating a covered space where the wild landscape flows under the building. The two floors are given separate geometric / angular shapes reminiscent of stones and rocks. The different shapes creates both the covered area underneath the upper floor as well as a small balcony on top of the basement floor. A traditional Faroese grass roof covers the house adding to the impression of two stones nestled in the mountainside and overgrown by the landscape.

In the interior the angular/geometric outside of the house is contrasted by a soft and more organic inside. Rounded corners in combination with an open plan and the use of natural materials creates a warm and welcoming interior where the main living areas flow into each other creating small places  to sit, work and relax while enjoying the view from the big windows facing west towards the ocean.


SIZE200 M²