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ZETA projects on Google Street View

Thanks to the Faroese project “Sheep view”, Google Street View has finally arrived in the Faroe Islands. Google has make it possible for any inhabitant or visitor of the Faroe Islands to rent a camera and help developing the Faroese Street View. You can now discover and explore some of our completed projects in their […]


Lecture in Kvívík

We welcome you tonight, to the “What to consider when planning your house” lecture in Kvívík. ZETA architects will, along with others, give a lecture about the different elements to consider when building or renovating a private house. The lecture will take place tonight, 15th February at 19:30, Frøishøllin, Kvívík.


Design proposal for Hotel Tórshavn

Today, we presented our proposal for the extension of the Hotel Tórshavn. Located in the historical center, the Hotel Tórshavn was established in 1923. After a renovation in 2007 and an increase of tourism in the Faroe Islands, the hotel needs today to increase the number of rooms and to be upgraded from a 3-stars […]


Inauguration of the Sports hall

Today, we inaugurated the new extension of the Sports Hall in Tórshavn. The extension gives the possibility to judo and table tennis to develop in the Faroe Islands by creating a hall dedicated to those sports. At the same time, it allows Tórshavn to host more competitions for handball and indoor football. The new extension […]


Poul Hansen warehouse inaugurated

The renovation of the warehouse, built in the 1920´s, has been completed and inaugurated by the opening of the new restaurant settled in the two first floors. The facade has been given back its original appearance and the interior has been renovated, highlighting the roof original walls. The restaurant is opening on a terrace which […]


House in Tinghúsvegur completed

The owner of the house in Tinghúsvegur have recently moved in. The project is a combined program with a retail space on the ground floor and housing on the first and second floor. The facade toward the public street combines an open facade on the ground floor for the retail space and a semitransparent wall […]


Extension of Á retail shop

ZETA has delivered the project of extension for the retail shop Á Landavegur in the Faroese capital of Tórshavn. As the area around the shop is developing with a new music school right on the other side of the road, as well as a new elementary to secondary school and a college, the retail shop […]


New Intern

We have recently welcomed our new intern for the next semester. Rasmus is a master student in Science in Architectural Engineering at the University of Aalborg in Denmark and will bring his expertise to ZETA projects. Rasmus will help us with more technical aspects of the projects such as sustainability, energy, comfort, structure, thanks to […]


ZETA proposal for Hoydalar exhibited

From today and during two weeks, two of the proposals for Hoydalar competition are exhibited at the Ministry of Culture. There has been 46 proposals about the future of Hoydalar, but only two of them are making a proposal about the area and the buildings future.  Our proposal, in partnership with Bústaðir ( The Faroese […]


Proposal for Hoydalar competition

Today, we have delivered our proposal for the open competition launched by the Ministry of Culture in the Faroe Islands. The competition is about proposing what could be the future of Hoydalar, after it loses its function of High School. Our proposal involves housing, community garden, guest rooms, restaurant, creative workshop and overall plan proposing […]


Sports hall at Hálsi is taking shape

The construction of the sports hall á Halsi going fast. The glue laminated wood structure has started to be installed. The 1,500 m² extension of the existing sports hall will make it possible to welcome more tournaments and events. The extension is schedule for completion in early 2018. Read more about Sports hall at Hálsi…


House in Kongsgil completed

From today, the owners of the house in Kongsgil are going be able to enjoy every day the great view over all the city of Tórshavn, the Atlantic Ocean and the Island of Nólsoy. The challenge of the design was the downstream neighboring house which got built in a way that the view panorama was […]


ZETA reveals Vestmanna Masterplan

The Masterplan for the town of Vestmanna has now been delivered. The project is a development plan for the future of Vestmanna, composed of 8 different projects. The projects aim to reveals and enhance the different qualities and potentials in Vestmanna. The diversified projects are new paths, viewpoints, tourist, sport and cultural facilities and have […]


City Council stairs

The last Faroese stone has been laid down today at the new City Council stairs. The project was a detailed design of the stones layout and their arrangement. To avoid any rocks and moss to come in the space between the stone, the spacing has been reduced from 10 mm to 3 -5 mm. Read […]

Steinatún Inauguration

Today, on the Faroese National Day, Ólavsøka, the Mayor of Tórshavn has proceeded to the inauguration of the new square, Steinatún. The design of Steinatún square and bus stop has infused other change such as the remodeling of the functions in the Municipality building. On the ground floor, opening to the square, we can now […]

Queen Margrethe on the new urban stairs

Today, the Danish Queen Margrethe was visiting Tórshavn, the Faroese capital, and during the day, she stopped on the urban stairs alongside the Mayor of Tórshavn. Many people had gathered to come see the Queen and listen to the concert of a local group. See more about the visit of the Danish Queen in Tórshavn…

Inauguration of the urban stairs at Vágsbotni

Today we had the great pleasure to inaugurate the new urban stairs in the Faroese capital, Tórshavn. The stairs have transformed a leftover area into a new urban space. Stairs at Vágsbotni is the first completed part of our Masterplan project for Tórshavn, aiming to introduce new physical and functional structure. Read more about Urban […]

Groundbreaking for Skúlin á fløtum

The first sod was dig out for Skúlin á Fløtum, the new elementary, primary and secondary school in the Faroese capital, Tórshavn, which will welcome more than 850 students. The project is done is collaboration with Brim Arkitektar and Árni Winther. Read more about Skúlin á Fløtum…

Groundbreaking for the sports hall extension

(Photo: Sverri Egholm) The groundbreaking for the extension of the sports hall á Halsi took place today, as the contract between Tórshavn municipality and the contractor was signed . The major of Tórshavn municipality gave a speech and dig out the first sod. The extended sports hall will offer 1800 seating places for sport events […]

Contract signed

Today the Municipality of Tórshavn and the consulting team EIND (ZETA architects, Brim arkitektar, Árni Winter arkitektar, SMJ and LBF) signed the contract for the new public school which will take form with the first part being completed in 2018. Read more about Skúlin á Fløtum…

Proposal for the Nordic Built Cities challenge

Last December, ZETA submitted a proposal for the Nordic Built Cities challenge in Runavík, Faroe Islands. The challenge is entitled “The vertical challenge – how to build innovative and sustainable family homes on a steep terrain”. Among the 20 proposals submitted, our proposal has unfortunately not been retained by the jury for the Stage 2 […]

Contract signed

Tórshavn municipality has signed the contract for the extension of the sports hall á Hálsi. The sports hall will become a double sports hall, allowing enough space for a handball pitch. In addition, the project includes a hall for judo and table tennis, which will provide better conditions for both sports. The extended hall will […]

ZETA wins 1. prize

ZETA architects in collaboration with Brim arkitektar and Árni Winther arkitektar have won the competition for the new school in Tórshavn. The elementary, primary and secondary school will welcome more than 850 students . Read more about Skúlin á Fløtum…

New house at Tinghúsvegur

ZETA unveils the design of a house located in Tórshavn, the Faroese capital.  At the beginning of the new year, the construction will begin for this new house which combines residential housing and retail. The overall design tries to challenge the rules for the district area by re-interpreting the traditional pitched roof house. Read more […]

Bank Nordik inauguration

The construction of Bank Nordik in Tórshavn is now completed. We inaugurated the new building today, which was welcomed by many people. The new headquarter of Bank Nordik in the Faroese capital will welcome more than 150 workers daily. The building overlooks the city and offers a 360 degrees view. Read more about Bank Nordik…

Basalt plates for the Urban stairs

Today, the first basalt element for the urban stairs we have design in Tórshavn, have been cut out. The material comes from the basalt quarry of Skopun, in the Island of Sandoy, in the Faroe Islands. The extracted stone weighed 250 tons and was broken into 20-28 tons pieces and each slice has a thickness […]

New Intern

Today we welcomed our new intern, Jóhan Peter, who is a master student at the University of Aalborg, where he studies architectural engineering. Jóhan Peter will be staying with us for an entire semester and will, amongst others, be working with parametric architecture and digital design.

New Office

During the summer, ZETA moved. We are still located in the heart of Tórshavn, but now you can visit us at J.C. Svabosgøta 58. Drop by and see the new office and all the new possibilities that comes along with it.

Interview with Ellen Marie Braae

The full radio interview with Professor Ellen Marie Braae, where she reviews and explains ZETA’s winning proposal for Tórshavn City Center, is now available online. You can listen to the one-hour long interview (which is mostly in Danish) by clicking the link below. Ellen Marie Braae is a professor of landscape architecture at the University […]

ZETA in the news

The recent 1. prize in the in the competition for a new masterplan for the Faroese capital of Tórshavn has generated a lot of attention in the media, among others, todays article in the Faroese newspaper Sosialurin. If you missed some of the recent articles or want to see Ragnar explain the winning project live […]

ZETA wins 1. Prize

With the project “Stitching landscape”, ZETA has won 1. Prize in the open competition for a new masterplan for the Faroese capital of Tórshavn. The competition was a two-part competition for both an overall masterplan for the city center and a project proposal for Steinatún, a central square in the city. ZETA was awarded 1. […]

Stones in Landscape

At ZETA we work with many different projects both small scale and big scale. Whether it is a small extension to a house or it is a big urban plan we always focus on finding the solution that is just right for the specific place and the specific needs of the project and client. Recently […]

Groundbreaking for Bank Nordik

Today, the construction has begun for the new headquarter for Bank Nordik as CEO Janus Petersen broke the ground. In July ZETA architects in collaboration with MAP arkitektar won the architectural competition for the new headquarter that is now under construction and is expected to be finished in 2015. The new headquarter is being built […]

Construction begins at Á Vestmanna

The city of Vestmanna is getting a new retail shop. The new Á Vestmanna will open in a refurbished warehouse at the harbor in Vestmanna. As a part of the renovation of the old warehouse ZETA has designed a new entrance building and the surrounding parking area. The entrance building stretches out as a long […]

New headquarter for Bank Nordik

ZETA architects in collaboration with MAP arkitektar has won the architectural competition for the new headquarters for Bank Nordik, the largest bank on the Faroe Islands. The new headquarter will be located in the heart of Tórshavn and is expected to be finished in 2015. The building will contain 3600 m2 and will be the […]

ZETA wins 1. Prize

In the open competition for the new residential housing project Oman Mattalág in Tórshavn, ZETA has won 1. prize for the proposal of a common house for the new area. The common house will be the heart of the new residential area and focuses on flexibility and multi-functionality providing the residents with a variety of […]

ZETA wins 3. Prize

ZETA has won 3. prize in the open international competition New City Center Klaksvik. Out of the 156 proposals submitted ZETA won 3. prize with a proposal that takes its starting point in the unique landscape of Klaksvik and the old Faroese tradition of gradually developed clusters of houses traditionally called “býlingar”. The competition proposal […]